The ECTS 2021 Programme will be rich, with plenary sessions, debates, educational symposia, industry symposia, clinical/basic science concurrent sessions, workshops, training courses, working groups and more.  The congress will have 3-days Live Prime Time on 6-8 May 2021, followed by 5-days of interactive ECTS@Home on 19-20 May, 10-11 and 18 June 2021The ECTS 2021 programme will bring you:

Programme Highlights

Basic Science

Myeloma bone disease (Joint ECTS-CABS Session) :

  • MGUS, myeloma and bone
  • Interplay of myeloma and bone marrow cells in 2D and 3D models

Hypoxia signalling in skeletal tissues 

  • Hypoxia and bone development
  • Hypoxia signalling and metabolism in cartilage

Clinical Research and Practice

Osteoporosis in CKD

  • Currently available diagnostic tools in CKD
  • Treatment options for bone in patients with CKD

Obesity, bariatric surgery and fractures

  • Obesity and fractures
  • Effects of bariatric surgery of bone

Basic and Clinical

What is New: New basic science technologies and therapeutic strategies

Insights from outside: Senescence

Osteoimmunology: focus on arthritis

  • Novel arthritis-associated osteoclast precursor macrophages
  • Local and generalized bone loss in rheumatic diseases

Sex hormones and bone :

  • Sex hormones in the nervous system affect bone mass
  • Sex hormones and bone : Effects of transgender treatment on bone

Most popular sessions

  • ECTS-ASBMR Clinical Debate: This house believes that personalised medicine for osteoporosis will give a better outcome than the current standard of care 
  • Big Clinical Session: Osteoporosis in next decade