This page should provide you with all the answers you need to participate and present at the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress.  For any additional questions, the Organizing Team is there to help.


What can I expect from the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress?

The programme will be compact but highly interesting. The Digital Congress will be divided into the two parts “Live Prime Time” and “ECTS@Home”.  The programme of both will be presented on the virtual platform and will be also available for on demand until 31 August 2021.

ECTS 2021 Live Prime Time: Takes place from 6 – 8 May 2021 and will include Clinical and Basic Workshops, Plenary Symposia, Steve Boonen Lecture, ECTS-ASBMR Debate, Big Clinical Session, Oral Presentations, Educational Symposia, Industry supported sessions, Exhibition and ePosters.

Link: Programme Live Prime Time

ECTS@Home: Follow also the educational sessions on 19 – 20 May, 10 – 11 June and 18 June 2021 including Workshops, National Day and Working Groups, Clinical and Basic Science Update, Meet the Experts.

Link: Programme ECTS@Home

There is no separate registration for ECTS@Home required.
The congress fee for ECTS 2021 Digital Congress includes the participation for the Live Prime Time Congress and ECTS@Home.  However, you can register for ECTS@Home, only.


In which Time Zone will the Live Prime Time Congress run?

All sessions indicated within the programme will be based on Central European Summer Time (CEST).  You can use this website to check the time difference: https://24timezones.com/difference/  

Is there any specific tool or software required to attend the events?

No special software needs to be installed to participate in the event. All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and a stable Internet connection.  The use of a headset is also recommended.


We recommend Google Chrome as Internet Browser, the Internet Explorer is NOT practical.

You will require “Zoom” for attending the Coffee Shops, New Investigator Mentoring Session, Discuss the Case and training sessions.

Faculty members will be asked to download “Zoom” and Sli.do prior the event.

Further information is provided within the faculty mailings.  

Do I need to have a webcam for the event?

A webcam is not mandatory to attend the event.  You may need it to participate in some networking activities, such as chat functions, workshop discussions and coffee shops.

How can I request technical support and ask congress related questions?

Please refer to the ECTS HelpDesk counter at the virtual congress foyer and to the support button that is available on each page.

You can reach our helpdesk during the days of the event at the following times:

Live Prime Time

Tuesday, 4 May:           14:00 – 18:00 CEST

Wednesday, 5 May:      14:00 – 18:00 CEST

Thursday, 6 May:          07:00 – 20:00 CEST

Friday, 7 May:               07:00 – 20:00 CEST

Saturday, 8 May:          07:30 – 19:00 CEST



Wednesday, 19 May:    08:00 – 18:00 CEST

Thursday, 20 May:        08:00 – 18:30 CEST


Thursday, 10 June:        08:00 – 18:30 CEST

Friday, 11 June:            09:00 – 18:00 CEST


Friday, 18 June:            08:30 – 18:00 CEST

In case of any question related to your registration and before the Live Prime Time Congress starts, please contact registrations@ectsoc.org  for further support.

How is the access to the virtual platform restricted?

You will receive your personal login data by e-mail on 4 May 2021, which be required for accessing the platform.

Patients, patient group representatives and non-prescribers will not be able to access industry sponsored sessions.

Will it be possible to get credits for the virtual congress?

The accreditation of the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress has been approved by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®). Please note, that for viewing the on demand sessions CME will be granted as well (1 ECMEC® for one hour of CME).


Please find below the breakdown of ECMEC®s per day:

Live Prime Time

Thursday, 06.05.2021    5.00 CME
Friday, 07.05.2021         7.00 CME
Saturday, 08.05.2021    8.00 CME



Wednesday, 19.05.2021           5.00 CME
Thursday, 20.05.2021               8.00 CME

Thursday, 10.06.2021               7.00 CME
Friday, 11.06.2021                    7.00 CME

Friday, 18.06.2021                    8.00 CME


The EACCME® awards ECMEC®s on the basis of 1 ECMEC® for one hour of CME.


The attendance during the live sessions and watching the on demand sessions will be tracked.

Each medical specialist should claim only those credits that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.


In order to obtain the CME accreditation, please complete the evaluation form that will be sent to you by e-mail after the events.

Will a certificate of attendance be available?

The certificates will be sent to you by e-mail. The completion of the evaluation surveys will be mandatory in order to receive the certificate.

Is there a simultaneous translation?

No, there will be no translation. The congress language is English.

Does ECTS 2021 Digital Congress has  an Event App? 

The ECTS App will be launched on the 22 April 2021.

Whom shall I contact if I need help or have a question?

You have various options:

·        Please select “Help” from the left menu bar.

·        Please navigate to the lobby/ home and click on “HelpDesk”.

·        Send an e-mail to registrations@ectsoc.org


What if I cannot attend a certain session? Reviewing a session.

Live Prime Time and ECTS@Home sessions will be available on-demand on the virtual congress platform until 31 August 2021. This allows every registered participant to rewatch any missed talks or sessions on demand.  Please note however, that some speakers may have not given permission for on-demand access of their session recording.

Most of the on-demand content, except the oral poster presentations and e-poster, will be transitioned to the ECTS Educational Resource Centre for about two years.

By clicking on the sessions that you want to rewatch within the scientific programme, you will be automatically directed to the recorded live stream.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers?

Yes, every live session includes a Q&A discussion.  You can use the “Ask a question” tool to interact with the speakers and chairs. 

Each live session, will also have an interactive chat function to discuss with other delegates.

After the live session, you can always connect with a speaker, or any other participant, using the “participants’ look up”.

Will there be a poster session?

Posters will be available as ePosters and are accessible within the Poster Area. The ePosters are presented by a digital poster and a 2-3 minute audio file.

In case of any questions about an ePoster, you can submit your questions via chat function directly to the poster author.

In addition, there will be a clinical and basic/ translational Poster Forum session on Saturday, 8 May 2021 at 16.45 CEST.

 On Thursday and Saturday, selected posters will be presented live in a Poster Tour Session. Questions can be asked by the delegates. Please access the moderated session via the Coffee Shop link at the following times.


Clinical Poster                          Thursday, 6 May 2021              12.30 – 13.00 CEST

Basic Poster                             Saturday, 8 May 2021               11.30 – 12.00 CEST


Please enter the moderated and live presented Poster Tour via the Coffee Shop.

Where do I find the abstracts book?

The abstract book will be available for download on the ECTS virtual platform. The download is accessible via the banner in the lobby and the networking hub.

I have difficulties attending a corporate session and/or I have only limited access to the virtual exhibition.

The full access to the virtual exhibition and corporate sessions depends on the status as Healthcare Professional or as Non-Healthcare Professional. Please, define the correct status (HCP or Non-HCP) during the registration process.


Can I chat or have a video call with other participants?

The networking area provides you with several possibilities to get in contact with colleagues and friends from around the world. You are looking for someone that has the same professional role and comes from the same country? No problem, the search option makes it possible. In order to get in contact, just send that person a not or invite her/him for a video chat.

Or you choose the option “Networking” from the left menu bar, you will be able to reach out to other participants and chat or have a video call with them or create a group to discuss a desired topic.

How can I interact with speakers and other faculty members?  

You have different opportunities.   

  • Online via the virtual event platform - Choose the option “Networking” from the left menu bar, you will be able to reach out to speaker and chat or have a video call with them.
  • Online via the Networking Hub – you will be able to reach out to speaker and send them a message.
What are the “Coffee Shops”?

In the Networking Area, you will find virtual Coffee Shops.  These are free areas for members and delegates to reconnect with their peers during the conference for casual meet-up.  

Each day, there will be one or more coffee shops, taking place during the breaks and last 15 minutes. Coffee shop will have a topical heading and will be moderated by “baristas” who will be ECTS members. 

It will be like having a chat while waiting to get served! 

The times and topics of the Coffee Shops are published within the scientific programme.

Exhibition & Corporate Partners

Will there be an exhibition platform?

There will be a 3D virtual exhibition area that is accessible from 6 May – 31 August 2021. During the Live Prime Time and the ECTS@Home event dates, most of the exhibitors will be available for a direct online chat.

Click here for exhibitor list.

Healthcare/Non-Healthcare Professional Status

Article 86 in the EU directive 2001/83/EC lists the prohibition of advertising and promotion of prescription-only medicines to the general public. These legal provisions are included in the country codes of conduct and guidelines for the promotion of medicines and we therefore inform you that local and national laws, codes and regulations will be in full force and effect during the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress.

Technical Issues

Faculty members will be asked to download “Zoom” and Sli.do prior the event.

Further information is provided within the faculty mailings.  

Internet Browser

In order to ensure a smooth virtual experience, please use the Google Chrome-Browser.

Internet Explorer or Edge is not recommended.


In case the quality of your connection is not good or images are blurred, please check your internet access. Especially when using mobile phones, check your W-Lan speed.

Window of the presenter`s presentation

There is the function to watch presentation slides in full screen. Please click on the icon to see the live stream in full view.  


You can adjust the sound according to your needs directly via your computer volume control.

Code of Conduct

What precautions have been taken to protect patient data and the speakers' copyright?

The online platform for the Live Prime Time section is only accessible to registered participants and is provided with a corresponding access restriction.


Participants agree that capturing or copying of lectures, Q&A’s, chat room activities in the form of photos, screenshots or video are strictly prohibited. All participants must actively confirm that they will adhere to these guidelines in order to participate the digital congress.


All lectures are the property of the respective speakers and it is not allowed to copy, to forward or to save any video, audio-file, e-poster, presentation etc.


The use of the virtual platform and the registration to the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress complies with the guidelines of the GDPR.

How ECTS organises its Annual Congress?

The organisation of the ECTS Annual Congresses follow internal policies and a number of established code of conducts: