Certificate of Attendance & CME Accreditation – Live Sessions

The ECTS 2021 Digital Congress, have been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) for CME credits. Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity. CME Credits will be assigned as follow:

Live Prime Time
Thursday, 06 May 2021          5.00 CME
Friday, 07 May 2021               7.00 CME
Saturday, 08 May 2021          8.00 CME

Wednesday, 19 May 2021     5.00 CME
Thursday, 20 May 2021         8.00 CME
Thursday, 10 June 2021        7.00 CME
Friday, 11 June 2021             7.00 CME
Friday, 18 June 2021             8.00 CME

To download the CME and Regular Certificate of Attendance:

  • Please login to the ECTS 2021 Certificate Lounge, here
  • Click on the “My Certificate” button
  • Complete a feedback survey to access your certificate. This is mandatory and required by EACCME®.
  • Once completed you will be able to download your certificate

CME Certificate for the On-Demand Attendance

The ECTS 2021 Digital Congress is also accredited for on-demand viewing. If you were not able to join a full day of live event, you can now watch the sessions on-demand and claim the CME credits.  For a same day of educational activity, you can claim CME credits for either Live attendance or On-Demand.  CME Credits of a same day, cannot be cumulated.

To claim your CME Certificate for on-demand viewing:

  • Please complete the feedback survey related to the on-demand event you attended (see below)
  • Once completed we will send you the certificate by email

For any questions, please contact us at registrations@ectsoc.org.

Delegate Survey for
On-demand CME Certificate
Live Prime Time 6-8 May

Delegate Survey for
On-demand CME Certificate
19-20 May

Delegate Survey for
On-demand CME Certificate
ECTS@Home 10-11 June

Delegate Survey for
On-demand CME Certificate
ECTS@Home 18 June